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Tutelaage is a digital dais of education that can be reached with just a click. It tends to serve proper educational guidance to bright and creatively sprouting students and show them that staircase to success. If you go back and surf the pages of history, you can find reference of the term Tutelaage in Kant’s notable piece ‘What is Enlightenment?’ and there he defined it as ‘man’s incapacity to make use of his own understanding’. Thus, we are here to act as a mentor to them and guide them ‘Live’ on a digital platform as per their own convenience and need.


Kausik Das

- Tutelaage Founder


Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning is a process where learning will become an interest rather than passive observers.

Exclusive Support

With the help of our new techniques and support, Tutelaage GUARANTEES you that your child will improve for better knowledge and get a better score. Our main motto is to CLEAR the concept of each chapter of the subject thoroughly.

Our Focus

Simple & Efficient


01 Live Lessons

Our class has an advanced system of LIVE face-to-face learning using video, audio and an interactive virtual whiteboard through Learning Management Software.

02 Quality

We care about providing QUALITY scholastic outcomes for our students. To do this, we fixate on providing quality resources, quality tutors and a quality learning management system to build student confidence and improve outcomes.

03 Attention

We aim to break concepts down and work with you one to one or in a small group (max 4) to ascertain with a deep understanding of the concepts and feel confident with what you are learning.

04 Expert Tutoring

We have highly SKILLED tutors who are convivial, patient and relatable. They are prominent for the curriculum and pattern of each subject.

05 Exam

Our EXAM avails to check student’s performance frequently to evaluate where is your child standing, amend their knowledge, abbreviating nervousness, amend time management and build up the confidence.

06 Quiz

Our tutor conduct QUIZ on each chapter to check student’s pellucidity and understanding of the the topic, and according to that, the tutor will guide your child further.

Promoting Good Education since the very beginning

Tutelaage is an academy which serves online tutoring to bright and brilliant students. It enables them to learn on a digital platform by having a face to face interaction with best-curated teachers, especially selected for you from every nook of this world. We ensure you with the fact that we have that innate quality to select the best quality teachers and present them on board within a quick span of time. We do it after having a friendly conversation with the students and a constructive discussion with their parents in order to conduct an apposite evaluation strategy on the student’s nature and need. It cares to enable an interactive session between the teacher and the student by inculcating live mode where customized software is put to work in order to enhance the two-way audibility with much clarity. This platform can also support certain digital equipment like videos, white-boarding tools which makes it more accessible for both teachers and students. It is designed in such a fashion that it engages students to write, read, hear and comprehend their task with much ease and comfort. This forum of Tutelaage greets students from Primary to Post Grad and it is entirely our responsibility to provide proper and efficient guidance to pupils who are backing up themselves to crack the deal under the gable of school board exams, competitive exams, co-curriculum exams and others. 
Your preference…Our Responsibility… 
 Grip your knowledge just with a fair game of Play & Pause 
Australia Tutoring Enrolment 70%
Assignment Writing Enrolment 81%
Computer Programming Enrolment 75%
Website Design Projects Delivered 65%
Singapore Tutoring Enrolment 49%
UK Tutoring Enrolment 48%
India Tutoring Enrolment 49%

Meet Our Tutors

We follow all syllabus as per Curriculum

Our tutors are incredibly talented, energetic or enthusiastic, convivial, expertise on their every subject, outstanding communicating skill, and withal they are up to date with the latest curriculum.

Some of our Tutors are medicos in Australia, lectures in Australian Universities, a gold medalist on Maths, Physics, Chemistry, PhD holders, Chartered Accountant, CPA, MTech, Masters in Computer Application, Researchers, Pharmacist many more. All our tutors are highly professional. We withal have High ATAR score universities aptitudinal adolescent tutors who can guide your child as a mentor.

Apart from Tutoring, all our professional experts have acquired PhD credentials from reputed universities across the world. We have experts for every subject and always increasing the team by hiring the best experts. Thus, if you ever need university assignment help, always get in touch with us.

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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Samy Turner Today

Highly recommend Tutelaage Digital Study. My son started last year with Maths and English his results and understanding of subject matter has improved greatly. Keep up the good work.

Sweta 1 day

We were searching for a place to get our child accessed. Tutelaage contacted us and explained us the process and also clarified the doubts we had. We are now looking forward to the exam and recommendations.

Joanne 19 Jan 21

We’ve had a very good experience. The tutor has made a good rapport with my child and she has really built up her confidence.

Kelly 14 Jan 21

Tutors Field
Very happy with the service. My daughter is taking preparation for selective and tutor is minutely clearing the concept, I can see my child's progress. Thanks, Tutelaage and team.

Smitha 12/Jan/21

Finally, I have found an outstanding tutoring institution where they teach traditionally, along with they are mainly focusing on clearing concepts. They are using a very high-end online platform, which is very user friendly to the students to take lesson and homework. My daughter is taking a Selective lesson from Tutelage, and I can see changes in her studies now. I must recommend to all parents who are looking for their child to prepare for any competitive exam.

Genosha 12/Jan/21

Honestly the best tutor ive ever had. The organiser and tutor are the most polite people i have ever met and sometimes when you forget, they will call, message ensure you do your work on time and ensure you have a lesson on. They mostly there for you and very understandable people and give you the best tips during lessons. Id like to have the same tutor until i graduate university.

Manish 03/01/21

I enrolled my son in selective coaching in some kenned institution, but I observed that his writing skill was not improving. One of my friends referred me Tutelaage, but initially, I was not sure about the tuition and services of Tutelaage. Admin are very nice, and they convinced me to go with the free DEMO lesson, I was amazed to see the services they gave. Teaching technique was very explanatory, which I was looking for, my son has been taking lessons for more than 6 months, and I am getting confident in him now. Thanks, Tutelaage and your entire team!!

Jenny 03/01/21

Very happy with HSC English-Advanced tutoring, I am able to see the work and knowledge that goes into making the environment, lessons and communication as great as possible. The staff's professionalism and encouraging attitudes here are a major part of why I think so highly of this company’s philosophy for education. Great Tutors!!!

Sam 20 days

Assignment - Economics
A wonderful platform to navigate and excellent tutors.

Melissa Birkbeck 14 Dec 20

CPA Program Student
I need help with my Charted Accountant auditing unit the tutor I received was extremely helpful, highly qualified in her field and flexible to maximum sessions before my exam. I would stronger recommend these services to anyone struggle in a unit.