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Our Work Glimpses



Accounting WebApp Website

Website designed for Accounting software, which describes the modules & core features of the software in a sophisticated manner. The theme color, Graphics, layout sections are deeply designed considering accounting ethics.

Clear, User-friendly Navigation: A clean design website with user friendly navigation, and clear calls to action. 

Well Planned Layout: A well planned layout for website content considering all core features of the software. 

Contrasting Color Scheme: A researched color theory used fo the website theme that symbolises the website purpose.


Boxfile Website

Auditing and Accounting Cloud PLatform

The website comprehensively demonstrates and describes the BOXFILE Webapp which is a Auditing and Accounting Software designed as a Cloud Platform for auditing practice.

Content-based Vector Images:The website is designed in such a way that it showcases the features of the webapp in an appropriate way with feature-depicting vector images.

Responsive Design : It addressed the purpose of digital devices of any size, whether it be Large Desktop, Laptop or small mobile devices, so as to facilitate users to get easy access with proper rendered design.



Cleaning service website

Website for a cleaning company in sydney, which provides cleaning services for Commercial, residential spaces.


Great UI: Designed great UI for the website with themed colors and animation effects used for better user interaction.

Bold Fonts: Used bold and clear fonts for with different font weights as per section requirements enabling clear view for readability.

Copywriter Portfolio

Clear Copy With Mike

Copywriter Portfolio website

A copywriter portfolio website describing all his traits which makes him stand out from others.

Relevant Images: We have used eye soothing color contrasted images with content relevancy which makes the website more appealing.


Icons: Specific vector icons used in website with theme color so as to give it a customised look.

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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Samy Turner Today

Highly recommend Tutelaage Digital Study. My son started last year with Maths and English his results and understanding of subject matter has improved greatly. Keep up the good work.

Sweta 1 day

We were searching for a place to get our child accessed. Tutelaage contacted us and explained us the process and also clarified the doubts we had. We are now looking forward to the exam and recommendations.

Joanne 19 Jan 21

We’ve had a very good experience. The tutor has made a good rapport with my child and she has really built up her confidence.

Kelly 14 Jan 21

Tutors Field
Very happy with the service. My daughter is taking preparation for selective and tutor is minutely clearing the concept, I can see my child's progress. Thanks, Tutelaage and team.

Smitha 12/Jan/21

Finally, I have found an outstanding tutoring institution where they teach traditionally, along with they are mainly focusing on clearing concepts. They are using a very high-end online platform, which is very user friendly to the students to take lesson and homework. My daughter is taking a Selective lesson from Tutelage, and I can see changes in her studies now. I must recommend to all parents who are looking for their child to prepare for any competitive exam.

Genosha 12/Jan/21

Honestly the best tutor ive ever had. The organiser and tutor are the most polite people i have ever met and sometimes when you forget, they will call, message ensure you do your work on time and ensure you have a lesson on. They mostly there for you and very understandable people and give you the best tips during lessons. Id like to have the same tutor until i graduate university.

Manish 03/01/21

I enrolled my son in selective coaching in some kenned institution, but I observed that his writing skill was not improving. One of my friends referred me Tutelaage, but initially, I was not sure about the tuition and services of Tutelaage. Admin are very nice, and they convinced me to go with the free DEMO lesson, I was amazed to see the services they gave. Teaching technique was very explanatory, which I was looking for, my son has been taking lessons for more than 6 months, and I am getting confident in him now. Thanks, Tutelaage and your entire team!!

Jenny 03/01/21

Very happy with HSC English-Advanced tutoring, I am able to see the work and knowledge that goes into making the environment, lessons and communication as great as possible. The staff's professionalism and encouraging attitudes here are a major part of why I think so highly of this company’s philosophy for education. Great Tutors!!!

Sam 20 days

Assignment - Economics
A wonderful platform to navigate and excellent tutors.

Melissa Birkbeck 14 Dec 20

CPA Program Student
I need help with my Charted Accountant auditing unit the tutor I received was extremely helpful, highly qualified in her field and flexible to maximum sessions before my exam. I would stronger recommend these services to anyone struggle in a unit.